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Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions

Legal affairs belongs to InSalesCRM AS (organization number: 899 551 222) and delivers services related to business consulting and digital marketing to companies (hereinafter referred to as “Customer (s)”).

Establishment and Implementation of the mission

Sign up through the website, email or by hand confirms the order. The price for the membership is billed annually upfront when the order is handled in our system. Once the payment is received the Customer will receive access to the services Nettsideportalen offers.


Nettsideportalen bills the Client annually upfront or for the agreed contract period upfront and other services and products that are ordered by the Client are billed on an ongoing basis upfront.

For services related to digital advertising on Google, Mediapack or other platforms, where we manage this for the Client by optimizing parameters such as CTR, Quality Score and AdRank, will there be a distribution in the agreed daily budget between the cost of consumption and administration. The cost for administration is included in the agreed daily budget with a share of fifty percent. The agreed daily budget is billed annually upfront or for the agreed period upfront. If a campaign has a less consumption than the agreed daily budget for the agreed period, the customer does not get this amount refunded, but the campaign will be extended till the budget is used, and this applies regardless of whether the contract period is over or not. Extra click costs to a 3rd party provider, such as Google, Facebook, etc. that occurs for a Client i extraordinary cases, will be invoiced to the customer. Onward invoicing of expenses could include VAT. Work related to changes of campaigns according to the Client instructions in relation to changes of design, text content and similar will be billed by hourly rates.

The work that we provide for the Client beyond what is specified to be included in the membership will be invoiced by hourly rates.

Consultancy services which are quoted by estimates of the number of hours in writing or orally, it will be invoiced in advance for the monthly stated estimate.

This agreement also regulates the work done for the Client that is not included in the membership, that the Client is ordering from Nettsideportalen in writing or orally. Unless otherwise agreed, the basis for invoicing is the amount of hours spent to conduct the given tasks. Our hourly rates are NOK 1147 ex. VAT. The minimum unit is 0.25 hour (15 minutes). Phone calls and the like which do not consist of very short messages, are calculated with a minimum of 0.25 hour. With the invoice there will be specified overview showing details about the work that is done or will be done.

Invoices need to be paid within 10 days. Payment obligations are not dependent on any special approval and acceptance other than this agreement.

Invoices are sent to the email address stated in the registration form. Billing occurs from InSalesCRM AS.

Prices of services are adjusted every calendar year according to the Norwegian consumer price index (CPI).

The customer is obliged to pay the current arrears according to the Norwegian act relating to interest on overdue payments, as long as the delay lasts.


Verbal instructions and appointments of consultants from Nettsideportalen does not override what is written in this contract. Deviations must be agreed in writing via email, fax or by hand.


Nettsideportalen can under no circumstances be held liable for the consequences of services being delivered because Nettsideportalen only deliver guidance and assistance with marketing. Our help and assistance is to be regarded as a support service for the Customer, but it´s the Customer itself which must bear the responsibility for the decisions the Customer does for its own business in relation to marketing.


This agreement and the ordered services / solutions has a duration of 12 months. The agreement and the ordered services / solutions automatically renews for new 12 months at maturity. The ordered services / solutions can be terminated with one month’s notice before renewal.

If the customer orders more services directly from Nettsideportalen, upon the sign up, then the general terms and conditions stated in this contract shall apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Fees for services and consulting hours, and other costs that Nettsideportalen is entitled to from the customer, still need to be paid regardless of whether this agreement is no longer running and whether the agreement is terminated by Nettsideportalen or the Client, regardless of the cause.



Parties shall prevent others from gaining access to or knowledge of business information that is revealed between the parties.

The Parties undertake to not disclose confidential information about each other to outsiders. Information that has already been publicly known or rightfully received from a third party is not to be considered as confidential information.


Disputes regarding this agreement shall be decided by a general court of Oslo in Norway.

Revision of contract terms

The general terms of this agreement will normally be revised once a year or whenever the need arises. We will inform about changes via email when it occurs. If the information about new terms are given 1 month before the next renewal period, then the new terms be valid for the next contract period. Renewal of the new contract period confirms that the terms are accepted.