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Why pay for marketing that doesn’t work?


Get more customers and save money with our membership

Access to our expertise and ad platforms at a fixed low price | Avoid unnecessary costs

With us you only pay a fixed low yearly fee for our membership that gives you access to our expertise and advantageous advertising solutions in the Nordic markets.


Get more customers

The best players get 3-5 times more customers with the same traffic than average. We help you to get more customers in a smarter and more cost-effectively.

Mediepack - Reach those who are not actively searching for what you offer

Through our Mediapack you get digital marketing across the top 15 largest online news sites, related niche sites and in social media to your audience for a margin of the cost.


Google search - We are Google certified

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. We ensure that you get the most bang for your advertising budget on Google.

Avoid unnecessary costs

We help you to avoid and cut unnecessary costs related to marketing.

Prices are ex. VAT and are billed annually up front in NOK.

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Once you have signed up we will get in touch to collect information so we can understand your situation, what challenges you have, what you want to accomplish and who you want to reach.


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Through our ad tools you get digital marketing across the largest online news sites like,, and at a fraction of the cost than if you advertise directly with these. Included in the solution you also get ads on related niche sites and in social media.

In addition, we can target your advertising to just hit exactly the audience you are looking for according to gender, age, and interests. That means that each ad penny you spend are targeted only on the audience you are looking for. One of the benefits with this solution is that you also reach those who are not actively searching for what you offer.


Ads on Google

Do you want to run on ads on Google, but don´t have the time or knowledge to do this yourself? No problem, with our membership our dedicated expert team will provide you with full service account management for your online advertising efforts including Google search, remarketing, paid social and more. We are certified by Google and by optimizing Adrank, Qualityscore and CTR, we ensure that you customers pay the least amount per click.

You decide the daily budget and how long period you want to run the campaign. We optimize your advertising so that you pay the least amount per click.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The 10% top advertisers are outperforming the others with by 3-5x or more. We know the Norwegian and Scandinavian market, culture and customer behaviour. As a customer of us we help you to write compelling ads and content than converts.

Included in our “Bedriftsavtale” you receive one optimized landing page customized to sell your products/services.